10 Minutes to Understanding

Financial Statements

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The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts are using MBA ASAP 10 minutes to Understanding Financial Statements as a pre-read to their Business Valuation Certification Program. Claim your copy and level up your financial literacy!

This book is like the Rosetta Stone of accounting and finance. It provides clarity on those subjects by providing the context of how it all fits together. And it seems so simple once you get it!


I graduated from an Ivy League MBA program and have worked for over 15 years as a public company CFO and it took me years after my MBA to understand how financial statements flowed together.


That is why I put together this book, so you can take advantage of my lengthy learning curve ASAP. When I teach this lesson in universities I see the light bulbs go off in the students minds.


Claim your copy and avoid the roadblock.



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