Whole Lotta Love: Do what you love and let your truth reveal itself to you

February 3, 2017 admin_61054

Do what you love and let your truth reveal itself to you


Pursuing something you truly love is a good bet because you will pursue it effortlessly. Because hey, you love it! This is an area were you may even end up in that top 5% simply because you can’t get enough and pursue it with such fervor. You will always enjoy taking deeper dives and going down crazy rabbit holes.


What if you don’t know what you love to do? A good test is to start to become aware of the things you do when you procrastinate. That is most likely a strong indicator of what you really should be focusing on and pursuing as a career. Those are the things you really enjoy doing.


The issue then becomes how to monetize following your bliss so that it can become a sustainable pursuit. Even if you end up in the top 25%, I am proposing acquiring skills in two other areas that will make you a triple threat.


Such an arrangement is to support the love activity that just pulls you along almost effortlessly, with two more standardized skill sets that are transferrable over a wide range of activities.Think of this skill based knowledge ecosystem as a Love Triangle.


One of those is business skills: strategic thinking, financial literacy, management, leadership, communications, public speaking (Warren Buffett calls it the best investment he ever made), marketing especially online marketing: SEO, analytics, growth hacking; lean start up and entrepreneurship. These skills will help you with monetizing and creating a sustainable business model around your love pursuit.


MBA ASAP Get the Skills you Need


The other is computer and technical skills. Skill sets like coding for the web, apps, databases, user interfaces; or Google Analytics and SEO; or big data science; or hardware systems. It is within all of our reach to start picking up some computer or programming skills. This skill set will allow you to create and develop products, services and awareness for your business. And they will allow you to interact with and understand our intelligent machine friends.


There are so many business and computer related courses available now on MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) like Coursera, Udacity, edX, Udemy, or Lynda for free or incredibly reasonably priced. Check out their websites and look at the options. And check out MBA-ASAP.com for business skill set knowledge.


The Holstee Manifesto


The Holstee Manifesto is a motivational poster that has pervaded Startup Culture. It has motivated an incredible number of startups and tech companies. Google, AirBnb, Threadless, Zappos, TED and more all hang the poster on their walls.

The guys at the clothes company Holstee started out with a plan to innovate the common T-shirt, but made an unexpected pivot when their personal list of mottos went viral on the Internet. Its all about encouraging us to do what we love.


Here are the takeaways:


  • Get comfortable partnering with machines; they are the latest power tools and they will eagerly perform the tasks we don’t love doing.


  • Do something you love; follow your bliss as Joseph Campbell exhorts.


  • Do what you love and let your truth reveal itself to you.
  • Support this with business and computer skills.
  • Pursue continuous learning continuously.


Step away from the TV and begin. Today. The machines are coming. And your true self is calling.





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