Commencement Speech

May 5, 2017 admin_61054

Commencement Speech

I look around and you are all bright and clear eyed and engaged. The goal in life is to stay that way. We must be vigilant against the slippery slopes of temptations and pressures that veer us from a path of happiness and contentment. One slippery slope is to become dejected and bitter in the face of life’s obstacles.
Be respectful of your future self and don’t go down paths that lead there.

Another insidious path is chasing ever more money in order to get stuff that we think will make us happy. Don’t get caught on the hedonic treadmill. The stuff you own will end up owning you.

These are the two monsters whose clutches you must avoid like Ulysses navigating between Scylla and Charybdis.
Stick to your convictions and be prepared to make the hard choices. Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices; hard life.

Fashion a life of your own design, well suited to your needs. Follow you interests and your heart; they already know who you want to be. Enjoy each moment. Practice gratitude; there is new science saying it wires the brain for the better. Be optimistic. Take risks; I don’t mean dangerous foolish or unnecessary physical risks. Put yourself out there. Do it wisely and look to de-risk the risky path.

Stay hungry both physically and mentally. And stay foolish in the best sense of the word.

Life can be an adventure. You write the script. Take care of others. Be empathic and sensitive.

Be creative. It changes the future and can put the past in a different light. Be Bold. There is magic in boldness and courage.

Stay curious and continuously learn.

Bit by bit shed poor habits:
• Nutrition; don’t eat crap; stay away from soda and the sugar, fat and salt of processed foods
• Exercise every day like you mean it
• Stop drinking booze
• Stop smoking pot
• Don’t smoke cigarettes
• Turn off your TV. Better yet, throw out your TV
• Avoid the people in your life that do these things; they will hold you down and back

Fall in love; pick your partner with extreme care and discernment.


Read poetry and literature and history and biography.

Learn about the world

Enjoy art and music and philosophy

Live simply; but spend money on good clothes. Don’t pay retail, buy used on eBay

Don’t chase fame and money too much

Meditate daily

Do things outside

Do things that don’t scale

Cultivate yourself; care for yourself


Be the change you want in the world.

Have fun

Laugh and develop your sense of humor

Always be on the lookout for how you can help or make a situation better and more fun

Work hard; be nice

Be kind

Follow your interests and your truth will be revealed to you. The path is about self-actualization. What makes a life heroic is the quality of attention paid to it. Remain responsible to your future self, trust your instincts and listen to your heart.
God Speed and Fair Weather!