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We looked at data from sources like PayScale and Monster.com to identify the highest-impact skills for your career and we deliver them in this book series.

And they deliver in an effective, jargon-free, inexpensive way 

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According to Payscale 44% of managers polled said that recent grads lack leadership skills

Becoming a well-rounded business leader and manager means learning to apply a varied toolkit and skill sets, and the ability to know when to apply what, and how to best apply it. The purpose of this book is to set the stage and lay out the context for achieving these goals.


Accounting is the most fundamental part of any business. You need to have a grasp of its concepts and workings before venturing forth. This book provides that knowledge quickly, clearly, and directly in less than 100 pages.


Mastering this skill will help you become a better manager.

It will also help you make better investment decisions in the stock market because you will be able to get meaningful information out of an Annual Report or a 10K.

If you are an entrepreneur planning a start up then understanding financial statements is critical for your credibility as you meet with angel investors, bankers, and VCs.


Turn your ideas and inventions into valuable intellectual property that you can sell or license. You can file your patent for under $500 and the average value of an issued patent is $1 million. This is lucrative work and well worth your time to learn.

Drafting a patent application is a surprisingly straight forward process. If you have ideas of things you think could be patented you owe it to yourself to read this book and draft an application.


This book is designed to help you start thinking about negotiation as a learn-able skill that you can develop and hone to resolve conflicts, build agreements, and get deals done.

In this new world where direct lines of authority have transformed into networks of collaboration, negotiation has become the primary form of decision-making and a key to management and leadership.

Gain the skills and confidence you need to negotiate well and achieve better outcomes.


Gain facility with business tools in order to get things done. This book presents the knowledge of the various business subjects and knits them together in a cohesive way so you can marshal these resources to accomplish meaningful tasks.

The goal is to be like a musician who has all the skills at the ready and can improvise or orchestrate based on what the situation calls for.   Or like an athlete who has practiced many skills and can call on the ones needed and create a play with teammates to overcome the obstacles of defense or create an effective offense.

Become able to create mosaics of the right business skills and apply them at the right time.

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Negotiations 3D

Thousands Now Control their Career and Personal Destiny  

who never thought they could.

Learn the secrets of Negotiation, Deal Making and Conflict Resolution.


Success in Business and Life comes from understanding what motivates people and how to harness and focus their talents and efforts.

Linkedin 3D

Who Else Wants a Great New Job?

LinkedIn is your key resource for networking and getting in front of recruiters.

Give us a half hour and we will have you on your way to a world of opportunity.

accounting jobs 3D

Get your career on the fast track starting in the accounting department. Entry level accounting positions can lead rapidly up the corporate ladder.  Read Learn Accounting Fast! and within a week you can start applying for jobs!

Patent 3D

Create a multi million dollar intellectual property portfolio by learning how to patent your ideas and inventions. You have always wanted to do it. Now you can!

Financial Statements 3D


Get Rid of Your Road Blocks to Business Success Once and For All. Give us an hour of your time and you will understand how to read financial statements like Balance Sheets and Income Statements and finally make sense of Annual Reports and SEC filings.

If you intend to climb the corporate ladder there are certain skills commonly possessed by each level of management that you need to acquire. For example, Managers and Supervisors often report possessing skills in People Management and Team Leadership. Director-level workers reports having skills like Financial Management; and common skills at the Executive-level include Negotiation, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning. If you hope to level up your career, learning these skills is a good bet to reach the next level on the corporate pyramid.

Does a lack of financial literacy matter? From a managers’ point of view, it surely does. Those who can’t speak the language of business can’t contribute much to a discussion of performance and are unlikely to advance in the hierarchy. They may get caught off guard by financial shenanigans, as many employees at Enron were. They also are unable to gauge the health of a prospective or current employer.