Brenner Adams

Snowboarding, Microsoft, Entrepreneurship and much more

Entrepreneurship is happening in Utah on the Silicon Slopes

I met Brenner at a WordPress convention dinner and I was immediately taken by his openness and friendliness and then as we talked he started filling me in on all these things he has done and the amazing experiences he has had. Brenner’s excellent adventure!

Listen to his remarkable journey. His enthusiasm and engagement are contagious. He talks about product development, marketing, social impact, economic development and so much more.


Check out this article where Brenner discusses Re stacking SWOT analysis as SOWT (so what) in order to come up with actionable steps that fall out of the analysis. He talks about this in the podcast.

Here are links to more things he discusses:

Sophia Antipolis

Church and State Economic Evangelists

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Ilkli  this is his very cool company

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