How this Scholar Transformed His Career and Plugged Into His Purpose by Researching over 1400 startups to Find Out What Works.


Dr. Donatas Jonikas never imagined he would get such incredible interest and traction from his initial questionnaire. It inspired him to tap into a new purpose -- helping entrepreneurs negotiate the Startup Evolution Curve.

“I help early stage startups to become fundable and financially self-sustainable.”
That’s how Dr. Donatas Jonikas defines his mission and passion.

Dr. Donatas Jonikas is a scientist, a marketer, and a military commander. He has developed and implemented winning marketing strategies for businesses in different countries and industries around the globe.


Donatas’ remarkable experience and expertise have been codified in his book “Startup Evolution Curve”. It is filled with practical tips and applications to reduce risk and increase the odds of startup success.


In order to write the 'Startup Evolution Curve', he did a global research on startups surveying 1,447 startup founders and running close to 500 additional in-depth interviews on how to start a startup business successfully and adopt effective growth hacks.


Donatas is deeply engaged with the global startup community and has shared the stage with many of the world’s foremost innovative business and startup experts in conferences, hackathons, entrepreneur events, and competitions.



Hear what he has to say about his journey and the state of the art in entrepreneurial thinking and practice.