MBA ASAP Podcast Episode 3: NPV

Check out this blog post on Net Present Value.  Also take a look at this Infographic on Corporate Finance.  They complement the material in the podcast.

The material in this podcast series is taken from my book MBA ASAP Understanding Corporate Finance and its about how companies make decisions about what projects to pursue, and how to value those projects.

This book provides a framework for how financial professionals make decisions about how, when, and where to invest money.

The book is available from Amazon as an eBook for Kindle, paperback, and as an audio book. You can also get the audio book version from Audible.

Its gotten a lot of great reviews like:

“John has written a concise, easy to read and understandable text that addresses the basic core principles of finance. Those taking his or her first course in finance will not find this book intimidating but extremely beneficial. This is a quick and direct read that focuses on the basics of finance that everyone in business should be able to grasp. I highly recommend it.”

“After reading John Cousins' book I was finally able to understand a subject that has been, for me, very foreign and intimidating. He makes the topic of corporate finance accessible to people like me who need the knowledge but easily get lost "in the weeds". Clear and very easy to digest and apply!”

“John has done it again another great book. Any one that has anything to do with business should read this book.”

“Wonderfully written. It's surely will give any non finance manager a much clearer view of the finance world. Well done!”


Thanks again for listening to the podcast!