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MBA ASAP is dedicated to helping you learn skillsets that will make you more valuable at your job, help you start something on the side, or let you quit your job and start your own business.  The Podcast delivers this information through instruction and interviews with top practitioners.


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We focus on helping overcome the fear and intimidation of diving into subject matter that is usually obscured by clouds of arcane buzzwords.  We keep it simple and clear.


By applying concepts of accelerated learning we break down business subjects and disciplines and give you the core 20% knowledge that gets you 80% of the practical skills and knowledge ASAP.


Whether its corporate finance, entrepreneurship and startups, accounting, understanding financial statements (FREE!), becoming a better negotiator, management and leadership, digital marketing and growth hacking, or how to draft and file a patent; we give you what you need to get to work.

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This is what makes my day


Good Evening John,


I completed listening to your podcast episode where you were being interviewed by Avinash Bajaj. There was so much integrity, passion and thought processes that had gone into this interview that I honestly wish educational institutions had more mentors like the both of you.


I found myself agreeing to the all topics discussed. I was amazed, I managed to gain knowledge and understanding concerning the many challenges you faced yet overcame and birthed out MBA ASAP :).


Your Journey, your challenges, your passion, your integrity stole the show! Listening to this podcast combined with computer coding and infrastructure is not content I have listened to before. You are unique in your very own special way. This is content that will inspire many people now and in the far future.


I could relate to certain aspects of your story. I can honestly conclude that technology is awesome it eliminates fear not only that but an MBA is not a waste of time at all!


If anything it’s the best investment you could possibly make into yourself and you are a prime example of that John!


When anyone listens to this podcast I can guarantee it will enable them to look at the bigger picture and provide hope to their future believing that they can achieve so much more in life.


Thank you so very much for sharing such a passionate story. It has left me with greater insight, knowledge, passion and understanding of the Business World.


You are a magnificent inspiration to so many! You have given me added value to me but also given me hope I did not see in myself before.


Thank you John


If you have a minute I would really appreciate your feedback by taking this short survey.  I will help me dial in and tailor the material to your interests and needs going forward.  Thanks!