Financial Literacy Diagnostic IQ test

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Business by the Numbers

Take our free 10 minute Financial Literacy IQ Test to get a handle on your basic understanding of the numbers side of business. If you score less than 60% on this assessment quiz you should definitely check out our library of materials to help you Level Up!


Welcome to your Financial Literacy IQ Test

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What are the major Financial Statements?

Which Financial Statement represents a snapshot in time?

Which Financial Statement calculates Earnings and Profit?

Which Financial Statement reconciles Profit and Cash?

Which Financial Statement details changes to parts of the Balance Sheet?

All of these are cash Operating Expenses except:

Which of the following is not part of Working Capital?

You should be pleased about your company’s financial results if:

To investors and analysts, free cash flow is a key metric because:

Earnings, Profit, and Net Income are synonyms.

What are the major categories of the Balance Sheet?

Which is considered an Asset?

What Accounts are created by Accrual Accounting?

What is the metric that relates the price of a stock to net income?

What is the key to value investing?

Depreciation is:

What is the Accounting Equation?

You are happy if your company's current ratio is:

What is included in Current Assets?

Which financial statement is created by the accrual method of accounting?