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John Cousins, a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and professor who has taken two companies public shares all the theory, strategies and thinking patterns he picked up along the way.

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Understand corporate finance

How and why understanding how to read financial statements will put you head and shoulders above your colleagues and open up career and investment opportunities that are guaranteed to change your life.

Grasp financial accounting

Understand the revenue and cost of “ingredients” that go into creating and delivering products to determine how much money is left over to pay for business operations.

Analyze financial statements

Learn how the three financial statements relate, interconnect and flow. This knowledge will unlock accounting and finance and make you more intelligent and valuable as an entrepreneur, employee, consultant, or investor.

Sharpen your financial reporting

If you aspire to start a business, invest successfully, or advance your career you need to know how to write and understand financial statements. They are the lingua franca of business.

Make better business decisions

After completing this course you'll have a firm understanding on how to make data-driven business decisions. You'll know how to spot financial weak spots and learn how to turn them into opportunities.

Understand venture capital

Understand how much money investors have put into the business in exchange for ownership and how much money the company has retained from its own profits to grow the business.

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MBA books are notorious for being loaded with outdated academic methods you'll never use in the workplace. Learn from an instructor who talks the talk and walks the walk.

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